Apollo client 3 cache

When i switch from one tab to other my cache is not getting updated

@Sumit_Pandey can you provide more details that explain how you’re working with the cache?

function createApolloClient(headers) {

return new ApolloClient({

    ssrMode: typeof window === "undefined", // set to true for SSR

    link: createHttpLink({


      credentials: "same-origin",


    cache: new InMemoryCache({

      typePolicies: {

        Query: {

          fields: {

            posts: relayStylePagination(["type"])







It’s a little tough to figure out what’s going wrong just from this specific code example. I apologize! If you create a reproduction using GitHub - apollographql/react-apollo-error-template: Apollo Client issue reproduction. and ping me, I promise to take a look. SSR and relay-style pagination can be tricky to get working.