Apollo Server Azure Functions - Change Sandbox Endpoint

Is there a way to separate the Playground/Sandbox endpoint from the GraphQL endpoint when using Apollo Server Azure Functions? We’d like to secure our GraphQL Function App using Azure Active Directory while allowing unauthenticated access to the Playground/Sandbox. My thought was that if we could allow unauthenticated access to the sandbox, we could pass along a Authorization: Bearer ... header to then authenticate to the GraphQL endpoint.

This Github Issue #1908 has a few workarounds to specify different endpoints but to my knowledge none of them are applicable when running GraphQL through Azure Functions.

In the Deploying with Azure Functions documentation it seems that there is a supported way to add middleware to the server.

Note that apollo-server-azure-functions does not enable you to add arbitrary middleware to your web server

Here is what our current server configuration looks like. Are there any options to handle the scenario above? Thank you!

const server = new ApolloServer({
  context: ({ context }) => context,
  plugins: [ApolloServerPluginLandingPageLocalDefault({
    embed: true

export default server.createHandler({
  cors: {
    origin: '*'

Bump - wondering if anyone has thoughts on how to accomplish this