Apollo Server Express ^2.9.16 is Compatibility with Node 16.x.x?

I have upgraded the backend server’s node version to 16 (currently it is v12.14.1). The schema is not getting loaded if I am using node v16. The loading symbol is coming in the schema. The version of “apollo-server-express” and “graphql” is as mentioned below

“apollo-server-express”: “^2.9.16”
“graphql”: “^14.6.0”,

To upgrade to node v16, do I need to upgrade my apollo-server to v3?

Hey @anand, Node 16 shouldn’t be an issue (at least for our library, I can’t speak for others). Can you share a reproduction that I can clone?

If you have the option to get on AS 3 I would highly recommend it in any case.

I believe we never tested AS2 against Node 16; we started testing it only on the v3 development branch: CI: test on Node 16, switch to newer cimg images by glasser · Pull Request #5137 · apollographql/apollo-server · GitHub

It looks like other than for the Hapi integration there weren’t real changes needed to support Node 16, so it might work, but is untested.

As Trevor says you should upgrade to v3, which has many improvements.