Application error when hosting psiturk study on Heroku

Hey there,

I’ve been stuck here for days, and would really appreciate some help/advice.

The psiturk study I’m trying to host works on my local computer (psiturk debug).
I followed this procedures to host it on Heroku: Running psiTurk on Heroku — psiturk 2.0 documentation

This procedure worked over the past two years and even two weeks ago, but stopped working this past weekend. I saw that the new app build was successful and that it was deployed, but the URL it spits out now opens to “application error”.

I asked a few of my friends to build a new app copy-pasting one of their previous psiturk studies (that is currently running), and they report the same application error.

Does anyone have a clue as to how to solve this problem?

Many thanks,

Hi Xian, thanks for reaching out! I’m unfamiliar with psiTurk and upon further reading the link you sent, it seems unrelated to GraphQL or Apollo. This community forum is focused on GraphQL and Apollo topics.

That said, you may be able to find your solution in the Heroku documentation about Python, or reach out to them through their support channels.

I hope you find your answer!