Authorization key is not validating on deploying to AWS Lambda

I am deploying my graphql API using AWS lambda. However Api authorization is not working.

I have used neo4j-graphql library and @auth from neo4j-graphql library. In dev setup authorization is working properly however after deployment to aws lambda the Forbidden error is coming for all authentication api

Here is my graphql schema

type NFDAdmin @exclude(operations: [CREATE, UPDATE]){
        user_id: ID! @unique
        user_name: String!
        email: String!
        phone: String!
        otp: String
        role: String! @default(value: "master")
        password: String! @private

extend type NFDAdmin @auth(rules: [
    {operations: [DELETE], roles: ["master"]}
    { operations: [READ], allow:  { user_id: "$jwt.sub"}, roles: ["master"]}

type RuleSet {
        contract_address: String! @unique(constraintName: "ROLE_KEY")
        token_start: String! @unique(constraintName: "ROLE_KEY")
        token_end: String! @unique(constraintName: "ROLE_KEY")
        blockchain: String! @unique(constraintName: "ROLE_KEY")
        subdomain: String!
        appAccess: [String!]!
        type: String!
        children: [VM!]! @relationship(type: "HAS", direction: OUT)

type VM {
        contract_address: String! @unique(constraintName: "VM_KEY")
        token_id: String! @unique(constraintName: "VM_KEY")
        blockchain: String! @unique(constraintName: "VM_KEY")
        subdomain_name: String!
        alias_name: String!
        active: Boolean!
        parent: RuleSet! @relationship(type: "HAS", direction: IN)

extend type RuleSet @auth(rules:[
        {operations: [READ,CREATE,UPDATE,DELETE], roles: ["master"]}

extend type VM @auth(rules:[
        {operations: [READ,CREATE,UPDATE,DELETE], roles: ["master"]}

type Mutation{
        nfdAdminSignIn(user_id: String!, password: String!, otp: String): String! ### JWT
        addNfdAdmin(user_id: String!, user_name: String!, email: String!, phone: String!,
        password: String!): String!

I have followed the apollo graphql docs for deploying :Deploying with AWS Lambda - Apollo GraphQL Docs

here is my graphql.js code

const neoSchema = new Neo4jGraphQL({ 
    resolvers: {
      Mutation: {
    plugins: {
      auth: new Neo4jGraphQLAuthJWTPlugin({
          secret: jwt_secret
    driver });

  let schema
  await neoSchema.getSchema().then(async(value) => {
    schema = value
  const app = express();
  const httpServer = http.createServer(app);
  const server = new ApolloServer({
    csrfPrevention: true,
    cors: {
      origin: '*'
    cache: 'bounded',
    context: ({ event, context, express }) => ({
      headers: event.headers,
      functionName: context.functionName,
      expressRequest: express.req,
    plugins: [
      ApolloServerPluginDrainHttpServer({ httpServer })
    introspection: true,
    playground: true,

  export const graphqlHandler = server.createHandler();