Cache fragment updates not updating active queries referencing this same fragment


I have a root query which fetches an array of Releases
When I first fetch this list of Releases, it appears in the cache as a list of references and all the Releases are cached as well.

For some of these releases, on user interaction, I fetch more of their respective nfts with a new query. So I go from release.nfts.length 10 to release.nfts.length 99. This update is reflected in the cache as per my screenshots above and below: I have all the new nfts added to the object referenced by the initial root query for the Releases, but this query doesn’t update on the client. I don’t receive the updated list of nfts…

It used to work just fine until I updated one of the keyArgs object structure of the query (I added the primary: Boolean field) … and now for some reason it doesn’t work anymore even though the list is actually updated in the cache (and not with a different key because of the new keyArgs’ fields, it’s the exact same key before and after running the second query). Any idea as to why this could happen?

Thank you for your help!