Caching nested objects in pagination

Hello, I am trying to implement offsetLimitPagination function to GetApplicationComments query. The problem comes when I have nested comments ( items ). Comment typename is ApplicationComment .

In this situation getApplicationComments query returns data that is an empty array.


query GetApplicationComments($offset: Int! $limit: Int!) {
  getApplicationComments(offset: $offset limit: $limit) {
    items {

new InMemoryCache({
  typePolicies: {
    ApplicationComment: { keyFields: ["id"] },
    Query: {
      fields: {
         getApplicationComments: offsetLimitPagination(),

The default offsetLimitPagination helper function only works if the field that accepts the arguments is the one that returns the array. In this case your backend schema is different than what the default offsetLimitPagination function expects, so you’ll need to write your own type policy. The code for the default offsetLimitPagination function is located here in case you want to reference it: apollo-client/pagination.ts at main · apollographql/apollo-client · GitHub

Hi ivenus, did you managed to create a custom pagination policy? If yes, can you please share it? I’m in the same boat with you, thanks.