Caching strategy for data that is almost always static

I have data in some backend tables that stays relatively static.
Might be a change on a user’s record once in a year.
Most of the time the record does not change.
I really want to limit network activity if possible.
I only really want to pull down an updated or new records.
it could be the user, a different user or the system that triggers a record change.

DynamoDB might be pretty good if you’re mostly doing reads, and want to minimize the amount of infrastructure overhead you have.

Otherwise, a redis cache that is updated when the underlying data is updated (or using redis as a DB) might work well for your use cases, and there’s always client-side caching, but it’s kind of a pick your poison, because no caching strategy is perfect, so finding the strategy with the best trade-offs in your favor is likely what’s going to happen.