Clarification in the iOS documentation

I came across the following in the iOS documentation:

You may then want to update the cache for a List that should contain this new object. This is a bit fiddly at the moment, as Droid for CreateDroidsMutation is strongly typed: CreateDroidsMutation.Droid. When inserting this object into the cache for ListDroidsQuery you need to init a ListDroidsQuery.Droid object from a CreateDroidsMutation.Droid or the types won't match. Your alternative to this is to manually refetch queries on a mutation which will trigger any watchers to update.

What is the Droid stuff above referring to? Is this an example project that isn’t linked?

It comes from the starwars-server schema. Some of the usage documentation refers to that schema. It’s not consistent enough between tutorial and usage though; we’re aware of this and the 1.0 GA release will have completely revised documentation.

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Thank you very much!