Difference on Mock v2 and v4 behaviour

I am trying to setup a local server with a mock of my real server Schema. I have 2 versions running, one on V2 and one on V4. My issue is that on V2 every time I make a request I get a new random response (which is what I want), but on v4 if I make the same request with the same ID (userID) for example I get the same response.
Is there any config that I can change on V4 to make it behave like it did on V2?

Can you share a bit more about your setup? How are you configuring mocks for v2 vs v4?

We removed the built-in mocking functionality from v4 since it was just using graphql-tools’s mocking feature under the hood. By removing it, we’ve given you more flexibility around how it’s used (i.e. which version of the package and how it’s configured).

It looks like AS v2 uses a very outdated version of graphql-tools (v4).

I’d recommend starting with the graphql-tools mocking docs and see if you can’t accomplish what you’re trying to with their customization guide.

Hi, thanks for the reply. After debugging the code I manage to find out that the “issue” was the mockStore. As I was not setting one up the addMocksToSchema() was creating one, after I created my own and cleaned it after each interaction I achieved the result I was looking for. The whole confusion was because the 2 serves behave differently.
Thanks again for the reply.