Disable logging of apollo server federated


My apollo federated server throws when it is starting Apollo usage reporting starting! See your graph at https://studio.apollographql.com/graph.... and the subgraphs throw Enabling inline tracing for this federated service. To disable, use ApolloServerPluginInlineTraceDisabled. how can I disable both of them to avoid sending logs to my container running them?

Thank you

Just to make sure I understand correctly, when you say “throw” you mean it’s logging to console, right? Not throwing an error?

You can specify a logger to both the server and gateway objects. This allows you to send logs wherever you choose (including nowhere at all).

Thank you for the reply Trevor.

I just found that for the subgraph what I need to do is add to the plugins ApolloServerPluginInlineTrace() and that should do it.

I am still looking into the gateway :slight_smile:

I want to remove all the noise!

@juancarlosjr97 can you give a code example of how you used this?