Does Federation support types that implement multiple interfaces?

When trying to compose my supergraph schema with the Rover CLI for Federation, I continue to get the following error: UNKNOWN: Syntax Error: Unexpected Name "Node"

So, thinking that maybe it was something specific to Rover, I decided to try a serviceList in the Gateway. I then received the following error: Couldn't load service definitions for "service" at Syntax Error: Unexpected Name "Node"

Looking at the remote schema, I noticed the following type: type SomethingNode implements OtherNodeInterface & Node

In doing a quick web search, I bumped into this result from the old Apollo community. This schema is using the correct syntax as defined in the GraphQL spec, so I’m wondering if something is going on with Federation and/or Rover.

Any ideas?

Is Node defined in your service? I’m pretty sure you need to have definitions in each child service and they are deduplicated at composition time.