Filter using useQuery, variables and refetch

I want to configure a filter system for my website, and I’m struggling for the best solution.
I’m using apollo client 3 and Strapi 4.
My main problem is to set the default “all” filter.

Here is my code

//Query with tag
export const PROJECTS_TAG = gql`
  query projects($tag: String!) {
      sort: "createdAt:desc"
      filters: { tags: { name: { eq: $tag } } }
    ) {
      data {
        attributes {

//I want to find a solution to configure default tag for all.
 const [tag, settag] = useState("");

  const { data, loading, error} = useQuery(PROJECTS_TAG, {
    variables: { tag },

//A button with a specific tag
              onClick={() => settag("Geothermal")}          

This works fine when I give tag an existing value, but I want to have a default query and an “all” button. Like this :

              onClick={() => settag("*")}

But of course, it didn’t work like this.