Google Pubsub - suggested repo for production is not working (graphql-google-pubsub)

Good day,

Your documentation on subscriptions suggests a production library for google-pubsub: Subscriptions - Apollo Server - Apollo GraphQL Docs

It seems this library is not maintained and that it is currently experiencing issues: commonMessageHandler returning null 路 Issue #32 路 axelspringer/graphql-google-pubsub 路 GitHub

This github issue is mine, and if anyone would is keen assisting me, it would be great :slight_smile:

Further, I鈥檓 considering to take over and maintain the graphql-google-pubsub library. So, let me know if anyone want to jump in and join鈥


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I don鈥檛 have an answer to your particular bug, but perhaps one of the other forks of that repository has tried to address this? For example, this one looks like it鈥檚 been recently active: