How to always send network Request?

I’m currently facing some issues with trying to send requests. The scenario is as follows, I have a search which can be triggered with a lazy query. I want the query to fire every time I hit the search button no matter what the search value is. I used fetchPolicy ‘no-cache’.

The thing is, in an SPA when I navigate away from the search and then back again, if I enter the same search phrase again no network request will be issued and no result will be shown.

No reactivity is triggered, the load function updates the query but the query doesn’t seem to be fired.

Ok seems like I have figured it out.
If there hasn’t been a result yet, I have to use load(document, variables, options).
If there is a result from the load and I want to commit the query again, I have to use refetch(variables), using load instead will end as a no-op since hasChanged will be false.

This is really opaque and there should be some kind of warning or so that executing load more than once will have no effect.