How to generate field names in camel case?

Apollo 0.x generated an API that used camel case for field names (firstName), but 1.x generates field names as-is in snake case (first_name). Is there a way to configure this?

query GetMe {
    getMe {

In Code Generation > Configuration > Output options there’s a conversionStrategies property but it seems the only possible value is "enumCases": "camelCase". How do I specify field names shall be converted into camel case in the generated API? Thanks!

Hi @jordanh :wave:

At the moment this is not possible. We have issue #2738 to track progress on building that feature.

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A workaround available at the moment would be to use a field alias. I realize this is not a great answer though.

Sounds good thanks! I’ll await a future update to do that :slight_smile:

I was going to ask the same question and then found this thread. So +1 for this :pray: :slight_smile: