I cannot find the "New Graph" button

I’m very sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m doing my best trying to follow the tutorial.

On step 5 we’re recommended to create an account, which I did, and then “click the New Graph button in the upper right corner”, the problem is, I don’t see that button, I’ve traversed most of the studio app and I simply cannot find it.

This is my last resort, can anyone please guide me? I’ll add a picture of what I’m seeing on the studio app, I’ve already clicked every single button/option in the app and there’s just no New graph button.

Ok I “solved” it, you’re forced to create an “Organization” to be able to create a New Graph.

Just as a little feedback to the Apollo team, there is absolutely nothing on the tutorial documentation that hints towards this, I might not be the first or only person that has come across this issue so far.

If you’re reading this because you ran to the same issue, just create an organization and you can start using it.

Hey Alfredo!

Thank you so much for taking the time to make a post with screenshot

This is our fault, I think we might need to update our tutorial’s instructions

In the mean time, please try navigating to Studio and you should be back in the right flow

Thank you for your answer! I appreciate you taking the time to review this.

I agree, a simple update to the tutorial instructions should be enough!

Thanks again!

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