Input type error when mutating Float though gateway

Hi everyone,

I have a set up of an Apollo Federation gateway with some subgraphs, all written in Typescript.
I don’t know if it’s some setup that might be wrong, but every time I try to request a mutation that takes a float on its input and this float is a rounded number (e.g. 20), the gateway returns an error saying that the input is not of the expected type.
If the float is not rounded (e.g. 20.1), then the mutation runs successfully.
This error only happens if the request goes through the Apollo Gateway. If I request the subgraph directly, this behavior doesn’t exist and the request performs well.

Has anyone ever faced this issue?

P.S.: the version of the Apollo Server is 0.9.2.

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Hey @antunesdantass, this sounds like a bug in the gateway. Would you mind opening an issue with a reproduction on the federation repo?

Thanks in advance!