iOS apollo-ios-cli generate embeddedInTarget

I’m migrating from Apollo iOS 0.4.x to 1.0.x. I currently use Cocoapods for the Apollo dependency and my generated files are part of my existing xcode target.

I’ve setup the new apollo-codegen-config.json file and I specified the moduleType to be embeddedInTarget as described in the docs.

The generation runs fine but none of the generated files are included on the Xcode module that I specified.

It seems like this option does not do anything.

This is the content of my apollo-codegen-config.json

  "schemaName" : "PMTGraph",
  "options" : {
    "cocoapodsCompatibleImportStatements" : true
  "input" : {
    "operationSearchPaths" : [
    "schemaSearchPaths" : [
  "output" : {
    "pruneGeneratedFiles": true,
    "testMocks" : {
      "none" : {
    "schemaTypes" : {
      "path" : "./PMTGraph",
      "moduleType" : {
        "embeddedInTarget" : {
          "name" : "MyNetworking"
    "operations" : {
      "inSchemaModule" : {

And I have this xcode module

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 09.54.06

How should be the option embeddedInTarget used so that the generated files are included in an existing xcode target? Am I supposed to add the generated sources to my existing module manually?

ps: I know that I could use the SPM as module type but for now I’m trying to avoid mixing Cocoapods and SPM dependency managments