Migrating iOS Websockets from apollo-ios 0.50.0 to 0.51.x

Hello, hoping this is the right place to ask this question (seemed like opening a Github issue was discouraged for questions) but I’m looking for guidance on how to maintain existing websocket behavior while addressing the breaking change introduced in 0.51.0 due to this PR: Add `graphql-ws` protocol support by calvincestari · Pull Request #2168 · apollographql/apollo-ios · GitHub

Admittedly I’m not terribly familiar with websocket protocols but would appreciate if someone could weigh in on which protocol should be specified to maintain websocket behavior found in 0.50.0?

Testing against both options it seems like the answer I’m looking for is to use graphql_ws, would still appreciate confirmation there’s not more changes necessary that my naive self is missing here.

Hi @Phil_Hubert :wave: - graphql_ws is the protocol that would match any pre-existing websocket functionality you were using with apollo-ios. So your testing is correct, and there shouldn’t be any more changes necessary than fixing the compilation errors.