Multiple subscriptions terminates the ws connection

Hi everyone,
I’m having trouble when I try to make more than one subscription. Happens that the connection terminates immediately after receiving a msg and starts again after 2 secs sending the same data.

const httpLink = createHttpLink({
  includeUnusedVariables: true,
    process.env.API_GRAPHQL ||
    // Change to your graphql endpoint.
  headers: {
      "Bearer TOKEN",
const wsLink = new GraphQLWsLink(
    url: process.env.WS_GRAPHQL,
    connectionParams: {
        "Bearer  TOKEN",
    options: {
      reconnect: true,
const link = split(
  ({ query }) => {
    const { kind, operation } = getMainDefinition(query);
    return kind === "OperationDefinition" && operation === "subscription";

I’m using vue-apollo and this is my whole code regarding subscriptions:

    const {
      result: locationUpdates,
      // loading: loadingLocation,
      // error: devicesError,
      // refetch: refetchDevices,
      onResult: onResultLocations,
    } = useSubscription(locationsLivesTrue, () => ({

    const { result: me, onResult: onResultMe } = useSubscription(
      () => ({})

Do I have to handle multiple subscriptions some way?
Also I would like to comment that nowadays I’m having backend problem that terminates the subscription but after 2min due to an nginx problem. The fact is that when I use Altair Client for multiple subscriptions the behavior is the same (terminates over 2 mins), but with Apollo this happens every 2 secs.
Thank you in advance.

I’ve fixed the ngnix in the backend but I still can’t make two subscriptions at the same time.
Any clue?