Query schema naming

Hello, I have a question about the schema naming.
In general, mutation seems to contain verbs, but query may consist of only nouns, and may contain verbs.
It seems to have various names, for example users, listUsers, getUsers, etc.
Which one do you prefer? It would be very helpful if you could tell us why.
please answer about my question.
thank you.

Hello, great question! I’d say the most helpful practice in this regard is just to be consistent with your naming for each field of Query to help improve collaboration.

Beyond that, I’d personally recommend noun phrases for Query fields (e.g., users from your options above, topProducts, activeUser). Verb phrases are important for Mutation fields, because a given field might create, modify, and/or delete data. By convention, a Query field always just fetches data, so we can assume the verb for every Query field is “fetch”. Omitting this repeated string improves readability.