Query strategy for home screen for ecommerce app with couple of categories

lets say i have a ecommerce app with multiple categories. In home tab, i am displaying list of categories and in each list there are list of few items.

Now, what could be the likely strategy taking into consideration speed, customer experience etc.
To be more precise on my question, should i call one apollo query and get all the category and products that i am going to display.

should i break each category with their products into multiple query and use lazy loading… something like useLazyQuery.

i am also thinking about placeholder loading (something like: Placeholder/Loading for React Native).

but wonder how placeholder loading can be used with above techniques?
Any suggestions using one technique over another will be appreciated.

making one query to get all that data maybe accurate only if you consider pagination (Im ean you bring chunk of data and not all at once) but request data as user clicks on some links is the way I’m doing in my case