React-apollo v2/v3 - how to get response header in useQuery/useMutation

My app needs a specific header value from the response header, on error. I couldn’t find a good solution for this. Right now, I use context to set a callback (in useQuery), and access it inside onError (as below).

This requires every useQuery/useMutation call to set this context with callback and I’m wondering if there is a better way. e.g. if useQuery could provide context in response?

const callbackHandler = (operation: Operation) => {
    const fetchResponse = get(operation.getContext(), 'response');
    const fetchRequest = get(operation.getContext(), 'request');

    const { headers } = fetchResponse || fetchRequest;
    const headerVal = headers.get(HEADER_NAME);

    const callback: (t: string) => void = get(operation.getContext(), 'headerValCallback');

    if (callback) {

const errorLink = (errorResponse: ErrorResponse) => {
    const { networkError, operation } = errorResponse;
    const statusCode = get(networkError, 'statusCode');


//  link passed to Apollo client
const link = onError(errorLink);

// then in useQuery
const result = useQuery(query, {
        context: { headerValCallback },