Rover cli publish error

Hi, we used to use apollo cli and now it just doesnt work, it stuck.
With rover we are running it like this:

pnpx -p @apollo/rover rover subgraph publish application-server@stagingBackoffice --name=matched-propertiesBackoffice --routing-url=http://matched-properties-ts-nyc:6002/ --schema=src/server/federation/backoffice/common.graphql 

we are getting this error:
“error: Partial schema input must have at least one of “sdl” or “hash””.
It doesnt have error code (like other errors). Some can help us understand what is the problem?

Hi @Benny_Kachanovsky - would you mind opening an issue on GitHub for this? This seems like a bug in Rover and we’ll need some more info in order to investigate, the “bug” issue template should help gather the information we need: open a bug report.