Setting up Apollo Router local

i tried to set up apollo router on my local ubuntu to see how the consept of federation works and to understand if it is a good solution for production

I dont want to use the cloud solution, only local
is this the expected way to work with the router

after going over the docs and the tutorials i have done the following and looking for aprovel that what i have done is ok (maybe i am missing something or doing it wrong)

create two services (service A, service B ) subgraphs (using apollo node lib)

clone the router from git

get the schima out of the service A

rover subgraph introspect http://localhost:4001 > accounts-schema.graphql

get the schima out of the service B

rover subgraph introspect http://localhost:4002 > color-schema.graphql

compose the supergraph using rover as the input for the router/apollogw

rover supergraph compose --config ./supergraph-config.yaml

create a router_unix.yaml config file

./router --config router_unix.yaml --supergraph supergraph.graphql --hot-reload

looks like it is working for a very basic querry

Yes, that’s fine. Glad you got it working! We have lots of Router documentation available as well if you’re interested in learning more!


i am looking for a detailed “How To” deploy the router solution on a private cloud manage ny openshift
do you have any to share? a best practice? when does the rover cli join the game? how to maintain and upgrade in case of services added or removed?