Unit tests failing on v 3.6.0

As I’m trying to update our apollo-client to the latest v3.6.0 - multiple of our unit tests started failing randomly.
For example, a unit test for a simple component with a basic useQuery hook may pass but may fail. If it fails - it’s in its loading state even though we’re following the official docs’ recommendation of await-ing 0 seconds:

This component has been working and passing its unit tests always on v3.5.x
Any help and clues would be appreciated

Hi @vdineva, can you provide some more information on these components that are failing? In order to be helpful, we’re going to need very explicit instructions on how to reproduce the problem (ideally a reproduction which we can git clone or run in codesandbox).

The reproduction should demonstrate how upgrading to v3.6 breaks something which previously worked in v3.5. Once you’ve got a reproduction, opening an issue on the repository would be the best place for getting this resolved: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Looks like v3.5.1 has addressed this problem I was facing.
Thank you Apollo team for the quick resolution!

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Just to clarify (in case anyone comes across this), I think you meant to say v3.6.1. Thanks for reporting back!

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