Anyone tried connecting retool with apollo?

Im trying to connect retool from localhost to apollo also on localhost, without success
Im getting * * message:“request to http://localhost:4001/graphql failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED”

I’d start by checking to see if you can send a request to that path at all. You might have your server misconfigured and not running on the path you expect.

Can you share more details about your configuration? Something we can run, or at least snippets of your relevant configuration?

Hey there! If you’re using the Docker containers to run Retool locally, “localhost” for the Retool data tier might not be resolving the way you’d expect it to. There are a few ways to approach this, but the quick and easy route would probably be to use ngrok to give your local Apollo instance a public URL. Once your Apollo API server has a public URL, you could configure that URL in Retool instead, and sidestep any Docker network configuration hoops.

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