Apollo client - field policies - field policy for READ at type level not field level

Hello everybody,

I can’t seem to find a way to read an entire type without having to resort to individual fieldPolicies for every field in that type.

const cache = new InMemoryCache({
    typePolicies: {
        SomeType: {
                // defining individual field (READ) policies would be insane (at least for my case)
                // is there at least something like a wildcard mechanism?
            merge, // yeah... possible at type level
            // read ??? not possible, so... Is there any other way to do this? I want to be able to return a different ref based on some condition

@kelvin2212 can you share an example of your query?

query GetUser($id: String!){
    user(where: $id){
            // someType is of type SomeType as in the question
            // nested explicitly to avoid an answer where one would say
            // "you can add a field policy on Query"
            // that solution won't work given that
            // SomeType is part of more than one query and always nested

Need to intercept the read at a type level

Can you please share your thoughts?