Apollo Federation Logging Help

Hi I am using Apollo Federation and am trying to use fine grained logging as specified by the Apollo docs however I am unable to see any logs from the willSendResponse, and didEncounterErrors lifecycle events.

apollo-server version: “^3.5.0”
apollo-gateway version: “^0.44.1”
logging library: bunyan

This is the plugin I created:

const basicLogging = {
  async requestDidStart(requestContext) {
    logger.info('Request Started', requestContext.request);

    const start = performance.now()
    let operation;

    return {
      async didResolveOperation(context) {
        operation = context.operationName;

      async willSendResponse(responseContext) {
        const elapsed = Math.round(performance.now() - start);
        const size = Buffer.from(JSON.stringify(responseContext.response)).length;

        logger.info('Response Ready', {
          operation: operation,
          duration: `${elapsed} ms`,
          size: `${size} bytes`,
          response: responseContext.response

      async didEncounterErrors(requestContext) {
        logger.error('Errors Encountered', {
          operation: operation,
          request: requestContext.request,
          errors: requestContext.errors

I am able to see the log ‘Request Started’ but nothing else from the other lifecycle events. Is there something I am missing?