Apollo Router support for application/graphql-response+json media type

Hi all.

Does anybody know if there are plans to align with the GraphQL over HTTP Spec prior to it being officially adopted? It seems the router already supports passing in an Accept header with the application/graphql-response+json, as in it accepts it and does not error out with an invalid Accept header value error, but it still only returns the application/json as the Content-Type response header. More specifically, we were hoping that Apollo Router would allow us to follow the response Status Codes section. I quickly searched the code base of the router and see a couple of references to the application/graphql-response+json, but nothing that seem to indicate that it can be returned as the response Content-Type. Although I could have simply missed it.

I can also raise in issue in the Apollo Router project if it’s a better place to ask.

Thank you!

This looks like a bug in Apollo Router: it looks like it recognizes accept: application/graphql-response+json as meaning “I want JSON” but doesn’t actually send the proper content-type back. I’d suggest raising an issue in the router repo as you suggested.