Apollo Router with local routing_url

Is it possible to use local routing_url with Apollo Router instead of Apollo Gateway?

Query error:

HTTP fetch failed from 'users': 
HTTP fetch failed from 'users':
error trying to connect: 
dns error:
no record found for Query { name: Name(\"users.\"), 
query_type: AAAA, query_class: IN }

Im running to start:

./router -s supergraph.yaml --dev


federation_version: =2.6.0
    routing_url: http://users
      file: ./src/subgraph-users/schema.graphql

With Apollo Gateway this code works:

const gateway = new ApolloGateway({
    supergraphSdl: readFileSync("./supergraph.graphql", "utf8"),
    buildService: ({ url }) => {
      if (url === 'http://users') {
        return usersSubgraph;
      else {
        return new RemoteGraphQLDataSource({url})