Apollo scalar type in android-kotlin

I am trying to execute a graphql mutation via apollo on android.
For example I have this:

    mutation allData($filter: DataFIlter) {
      data: listData(
        filter: $filter
      ) {
        items {

and I need to send Json like this:

  "filters": [
      "atr1": "...",
      "atr2": "...",

But DataFilter is scalar type that don’t described on schema.json. In my generated “AllDataMutation()” type of parametr “dataFilter” is “Any?”. What should i pass to this function?

Hi !

You should be able to pass a regular Kotlin object where Json objects are mapped to Kotlin Map and Json arrays to Kotlin List:

    mapOf("filters" to listOf(
            "atr1" to value1, 
            "atr2" to value2

If you want more type safety, you can also register your custom scalar and Adapter. See Custom scalar types - Client (Android) - Apollo GraphQL Docs for more details