Apollo schema translation(dynamic field replacing)


I’m trying to implement api schema translation. Meaning, I have some services that serve all the necessary queries/mutations to FE1(user1). Now, let’s say I have FE2(user2) that can’t change fields they request on their side and want me to translate their request.

For example: if I have a field on product type called ‘title’, let’s say they are requesting ‘name’, so I need to intercept that request to my api, translate field, meaning replace ‘name’ with ‘title’, let my api return response, then translate ‘title’ into ‘name’ and send result as ‘name’.

I’ve created plugins per apollo plugin guide. I can get to requested fields and do whatever is necessary.

Problem is, when I request non-existent field(replicating what would happen when FE2 uses my api), multiple layers of graphql schema valiadtions prevent request to getting to my plugins at all(which is expected). I don’t want to disable schema validation(even if this is an option?).

Is this theoretically possible at all? Or can you suggest something maybe not exactly this but similar to this?

Thank you.