Apollo Server 3 release candidate is out!

We’ve been hard at work on Apollo Server 3 and our first release candidate is ready!

The theme of Apollo Server 2 was “lots of great GraphQL libraries are now built into Apollo Server”. Unfortunately, for backwards-compatibility reasons, that eventually turned into “outdated versions of lots of great GraphQL libraries are still built into Apollo Server”. So the theme of Apollo Server 3 is: fewer hardcoded integrations, more flexibility. This means the migration guide is quite long, as a lot of formerly-built-in functionality is now something you can integrate yourself. We’re excited to finish this work because it makes Apollo Server much more flexible and malleable; we’re looking forward to the new features we can add in v3.1, v3.2, etc now that we’re not quite as tied to the past.

You can try the release candidate in your app with

$ npm install apollo-server@rc

(or replace apollo-server with the particular Apollo Server package you use)

Migration guide: Migrating to Apollo Server 3 - Apollo Server - Apollo GraphQL Docs
Full docs: Introduction to Apollo Server - Apollo Server - Apollo GraphQL Docs

The best place to provide feedback is on the release PR: Release 3.0 by glasser · Pull Request #5262 · apollographql/apollo-server · GitHub

We’re hoping to release 3.0.0 (to the next tag) on Tuesday, and get it to the latest tag within a week or two. Let us know how it goes for you!


3.0.0 is out! See Apollo Server 3 has been released! for more details.

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