Apollo Server 4 release candidate is out!

We’ve been hard at work on Apollo Server 4 and our first release candidate is ready!

The main theme of Apollo Server 4 is moving from a bunch of hard-coded built-in web framework integrations to a stable documented API for building web framework integrations. We’ve also moved the sea of small packages into a single @apollo/server package, which supports both CJS and ECMAScript Modules natively.

You can try the release candidate in your app with

$ npm install @apollo/server@rc

Some code changes are required, though most of them should be straightforward.

Migration guide: Migrating to Apollo Server 4 (Release Candidate) - Apollo GraphQL Docs
Full docs: Apollo Server 4 (Release Candidate) - Apollo GraphQL Docs

The best place to provide feedback is on the release PR: Release 4.0 by trevor-scheer · Pull Request #6357 · apollographql/apollo-server · GitHub

We’re hoping to release 4.0.0 in the next week or two!