Apollo studio with preflight cookie not set


  • I want to use Apollo studio for local development, so I’m having a GraphQL server running on https://localhost:8080
  • My app uses cookie based authentication
  • I have followed the doc:
    • “Access-Control-Allow-Origin”: “https://studio.apollographql.com
    • “Access-Control-Allow-Credentials”: “true”
    • Cookie has “SameSite=None;Secure”


(1) When I first login to my application in the same browser a cookie is set on localhost domain which is sent from Apollo studio to my localhost when executing a query from Apollo (so this works)

(2) But when I want use a preflight script in Apollo the cookie can be seen in the response of the preflight with exactly the same response as the login from (1), but the cookie is not send with my query after the preflight request.

Looks like the cookie is not set from the preflight script?