Apollo with Citrix (MDX Toolkit 21.3.0)

I am developing an Android app that uses Apollo for web requests and then I give the app to someone who “wraps” the app with Citrix technology (I am not a Citrix expert).

I have encountered some problems when using Apollo when the one that “wraps” the app has changed/updated the tools for “wrapping”, he is now using “MDX Toolkit 21.3.0” instead of “MDX Toolkit 20.10.5”.
Apollo worked/works fine on toolkit 20.10.5, but Apollo “onFailure” get’s triggered when using toolkit 21.3.0.

Have anyone here any knowledge to why this happens, or have been able to make an app and wrap it with toolkit 21.3.0 and at the same time been able to use Apollo for web requests?
Thanks for all answers.