Authentication with Keystone

Hello, I’m trying to use authentication Apollo and KeystoneJS.
I wish to use keystone as backend and my react app as frontend.
Everything work fine when they are both on the same domain but in error when i put them on their own domain.
Cause i cannot get auth token from keystone with my apollo client config.
Has anyone ever had this problem or experiencing a similar configuration ?
I can not find really good documentation about this and for sur i’m not a React expert :frowning:

@Trisula since things are on different domains, I’m guessing this is a CORS issue. Take a look at the Authentication section of the Apollo Client docs, to learn about credentials: 'include'. Then on the Keystone side make sure things are configured to allow your client domain and credentials. I’m not sure what this looks like with Keystone, but you can learn about similar changes in the Cookie section of the Apollo Client docs. I’m guessing you’ll want to adjust Keystone’s cors config option as needed.