Can`t connect to uri , that working in apollo sandbox

I am using apollo graphql client in react native android app.
my code:
const httpLink = createHttpLink({
uri: “”, - not real address but the same format
const httpLinkWithOptions = ApolloLink.from([
export const client = new ApolloClient({
link: httpLinkWithOptions,
Error : Network request failed

You typically cannot connect via https to an IP address, because certificate verification for the encryption (the s) relies on the domain name. I’m actually not sure why that works from sandbox—is it an embedded sandbox from the server or the Apollo-hosted sandbox?

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Thank you, for the reply! I set up SSL certificate to the ip address, because i dont need a domain for that kind of server, i hopped to escape requests to the DNS and NS servers, it is working fine with Apollo-hosted sandbox, here is a real link to my api
I can change the port, but i dont want to connnect the domain to it, it has literally no sense for that, because no any normal human will read/write this link, just me as a programmer and maybe some hackers(i hope not).
So is it actually may be any option to use SSL with ip address, or i need to rewrite package by myself, if you dont mind it?
It is working fine with unsafe http ip address and with htttps://, but not with htttps://ip.address