Client Stacktraces

When handling a graphQL error in the client, it’s useful to be able to understand in a large system where the issue came from. When using the Error Link, you can access stacktrace information from the ApolloServer, but I want to be able to see call-site information from the client. Ideally to send to Sentry.

In ApolloClient links, creating a stacktrace and logging it will only return the stacktrace of the Apollo link system, which is not particularly helpful.

    const testLink = setContext(() => {
      const err = new Error();
      console.log('IM HERE', err.stack);
      return {};
    return new ApolloClient({
      link: ApolloLink.from([testLink, errorLink]),

IM HERE createApolloClient/testLink<@webpack-internal:///./src/services/ApolloService.ts:56:25

It’s possible to log the name of the GraphQL query, which is helpful when all queries have a unique name, but unfortunately that is not the case in our large codebase.

Is there a way to add the location of where the graphQL query originated from within the client to the error log in the ApolloClient error link? Or am I just approaching this incorrectly?