Codegen fails on reading queries

I’m trying to set up SwiftUI client v.1.x. I successfully ran the init and created my config.json. I created this simple Queries.graphql file and placed it in a group called Graphql/

This is the only query in that file:

query GetUser {
	users {

When I run apollo-ios-cli generate, I get the following error:

Error: Cannot query field "users" on type "undefined"

/Users/tlester/Code/<My Projects>/<project Root>/<App>/GraphQL/Queries.graphql:2:2
1 | query GetUser {
2 | 	users {
  |  ^
3 | 		id

Why is this failing?

Hi @tlester, if you call the generate command with -v for verbose output can you see if it finds your schema? The default schemaSearchPaths includes a value of **/*.graphqls which will require your schema to have the extension graphqls. If you’re using a JSON formatted schema from introspection you will need to update that schema search pattern.