Composition issues with shared types

Hey there!

I need some help trying to solve a problem with federated subgraphs and my schemas.

I have the following setup: two subgraphs, one for Books, and one for Links.

The books subgraph looks like

Books Subgraph

type Book {
  id: ID!
  author: String
  pages: Int

Links Subgraph

type Links {
  github: String
  twitter: String
  facebook: String

Now in my database (can’t change this part, i know ideally my data wouldn’t be setup like this) I have just the books table, and each book has a nested set of links in the record. i.e.

  id: 1234,
  author: "JK Rowling",
  pages: 420,
  links: {
    twitter: "@jkrowlng"

I would like to keep the links types in the links subgraph, and just reference them in the books subgraph. Does anyone know how to accomplish this with federation 2.3?