Difference Between UseSubscription and SubscribeToMore?

UseSubscription and SubscribeToMore both seem to take a subscription query and return data through an updateQuery callback.

I’ve been reading lots of web sites including the Apollo docs, but I can’t really see what the difference is yet.

What is the difference between UseSubscription and SubscribeToMore?

The main difference is that subscribeToMore is tightly coupled with a query, while the useSubscription hook stands on its own. You would use subscribeToMore on a query result to keep that particular query result up to date in the cache when subscription data comes in. With useSubscription, you are more flexible and can update whatever cache object you need.

I personally prefer useSubscription. Most of the time, you want subscriptions to be active at all times, even when not browsing the particular page that uses the data it updates. A simple example would be a chat feature somewhere on your site. You wouldn’t want the subscription to be active only on the chat page, but everywhere else as well, because otherwise the application would be unaware of any new chat messages when not on the chat page. useSubscription allows your subscription to be decoupled from your query, so that you can listen for new data wherever you need.

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