Does BatchLink batch by operation?

Hi! I’m not sure this is the best place to ask this, but here goes anyway.

We are experimenting with batching in our web application and wanted to understand a bit more about how operations are batched together.

We have two different queries, both of which fire ~25 times each simultaneously. Looking at the network tab leads me to believe that BatchLink batches based on operation name, but wasn’t sure. Looking through the code for BatchHTTPLink (and the default batchKey) doesn’t lead me to believe that it is batching based on the operation name.

So, I guess the title is the question: Does BatchLink (and likewise BatchHTTPLink) batch by operation? Or are we just seeing operations batched together by luck?

@CarsonMcKinstry see the batchKey docs. If you don’t set a batchKey the default batch key function is used, which leads to requests being batched by operation.