Does refetch() use the same fetch-policy specified by useQuery?

Say I define a useQuery that has a fetch-policy of ‘cache-only’ and also expose refetch for that query. Later on, I call refetch. Does that refetch call use the fetch policy of cache only (i.e., does it just check the cache?) or does it always make a request to the server?

Hey @Devin_C! That refetch call would use a network-only policy to ensure a request is sent to the server. The only time refetch does not alter the fetch-policy is when the fetch-policy would already guarantee a network request (cache-and-network, no-cache, and network-only).

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Thanks! Appreciate the help here @jerelmiller

@jerelmiller do you happen to know if that same logic applies for fetchMore as well?

@Devin_C its similar in that it will guarantee a request to your server, but slightly different in how it achieves this. Because you can provide an updateQuery function to fetchMore, it sets the fetch-policy to no-cache instead of network-only so that the cache is only updated through the provided updateQuery function.

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Great – @jerelmiller thank you for the explanation :raised_hands:

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