Exequiting query documentation, meaning of "native"

Hello! I have a question reading queries part of the documentation.

Blockquote On native, the request offloads the cache and network I/O to background threads that resume in the main dispatch queue. For this reason, the ApolloClient APIs assume they are called from the main thread. It isn’t possible to customize the dispatcher, but cache and network I/O are always done in background threads.

What is the meaning of “native”? If I’m using apollo3 lib on my Android project I won’t be able to set a dispatcher to the client but it will run out of the box on a background thread?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Raul :wave:

What is the meaning of “native”?

This is in the context of Kotlin/native so for iOS macOS users.

You’re fine on Android, the work is executed in a background thread.



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I’ve put up a doc change to clarify this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention :pray:

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Thank you @mbonnin, I’m impressed with your efficiency! :pray:

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