Federating graphs on client side using apollo-client

Hi, I would like to get your inputs or any references in what we are trying to build.

Trying to build the federated graph on the client using apollo-client. resolvers will seat on the client side.

We don’t want to setup apollo server at the moment and will build this graphql schema layer in the ui-component-library. Will this scale and what would cons in the longer run.

Hi @pratapdd :wave: thanks for posting! I’m not 100% certain I understand the concept of GraphQL federation on the client side. It feels like a contradiction in terms. Would you consider adding some sample code to supplement the diagram you shared?

Thank you for the reply @JeffAuriemma.

Its a client-side data querying NPM library, which provides single interface (SuperGraph) and internally would query to multiple data sources. We don’t want to have any Apollo Server separately.