GQL Working in Altair - not Nuxt with Apollo

So, I am using Altair to figure out some queries for getting analytics from Cloudflare GraphQL Analytics endpoint, which works fine, I am including two headers using Altair:

X-Auth-Email Email
Authorization Bearer

Which works fine.

However, when I come to using Apollo in my NuxtJS config:

  apollo: {
    clients: {
      default: {
        httpEndpoint: '',
        opts: {
            headers: {
                'X-Auth-Email': 'email',
                authorization: 'Bearer mytoken'
import gql from 'graphql-tag'

export default {
    name: 'IndexPage',
    layout: 'index',

    apollo: {
        analytics: gql `
            query getAnalytics {
                viewer {
                    zones(filter: {
                        zoneTag: "tag"
                    }) {
                        httpRequestsAdaptiveGroups(filter: {
                            clientRequestHTTPHost: ""
                        }, limit: 1) {
                        sum {

I am receiving nothing out when I try to get any values from the query.

Hi @jwhm :wave: welcome to the forum! I haven’t used NuxtJS so I don’t know how much of a help I can be but if you have a repo link or codesandbox I’d be happy to lend an extra set of eyes. Here’s our documentation on authentication if it helps: