Help for Lift-off part 2 Odyssey course

Awesome to see you moving along in your GraphQL Odyssey :rocket:!
If you’re stuck on Lift-off part 2 course, you’re on the right topic to get assistance :raised_hands:


Thanks, @Raph , you created an amazing guide, But I’m getting stuck in “Errors When queries go sideways”. I test case validation_Error, and response only gives back error, not includes data: null. So when I add query errorPolicy:‘all’, it does not work.
Can you help me?

Hello @qtruongbk. Thanks for learning with us.
Could you paste here both the query you wrote and the error you receive?
This will help us understand what might be wrong. (I’ve tested this code challenge this morning everything seems to be working ok.)
There shouldn’t be a need to change the errorPolicy option, are you using it in the useQuery Hook? This exercise is designed to be ran in Studio Explorer. (though you can do the test client side, but you’d need to go and grab the error from the devtools network tab, so less straightforward)

hwillson helped me.(Error Policy in Apollo Client React seems doesn't work).
Though, thank you!

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